diamond painting stock

We’re a factory , based in china yiwu, we ship our products to the Worldwide. Such as Europe, America, Europe, Japan, Korea, we have been focusing on digital oil painting and diamond painting industry for many years, and have a very professional team.

At first we were just a small team of several people, and our single product had not yet entered the international market. Under such fierce competition, we have never given up, and have been striving to break through ourselves to innovate and improve quality. Now our factory has gradually grown into a large scale, we mix our own pigments, regularly update our products, provide pictures, styles and packaging customization to customers who need them, and all our products have been tested for raw materials and certificates can be issued. We pride ourselves in having a diverse range of DIY canvas to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect canvas, no matter your painting preference and we’re always expanding, regularly adding new products to our catalog.

diamond painting stock

Our Paint by Numbers are ideal for both painting novices and experienced painters who would like to enjoy a new challenge. All sets include paints needed for the Canvas, as well as basic brushes but we also have a selection of advanced brushes in our store for you to choose from.

We use the finest quality materials and offer only the best service, with competitive prices and quick delivery, making it easier than ever to create a beautiful DIY canvas for your home or for a thoughtful gift.

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