Making The World Better Through Diamond Painting

Fashion Diamond Painting Company is based in China’s Yiwu City and has its own factory. We have been focusing on the digital oil painting and diamond painting industries for many years, and we have a very professional team. We ship our products to the Worldwide, including Europe, America, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Our Story

I’m Sunley, the founder and general manager of Fashion Diamond Painting Company. Our team and I established this business to provide DIY crafters all over the world with a unique, worthwhile, and beneficial craft.


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Manager - Sunley Zhang
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Since 2010, we have been choosing the manufacturer of our diamond painting kits and searching for artwork to formally license. Then, we launch our own factory in China and produce high-end diamond paintings and other works of art.

we creates our Short Lint Custom Canvas. To create our Diamond Art Painting kits, each canvas is painstakingly hand-charted by skilled designers, and the finished product is expertly manufactured with the highest quality materials. Our designer Qing is our artistic managing partner and helps us choose the works of art that will become Diamond Art Paintings for you to create and appreciate!

Our Mission

Fashion Diamond Painting aims to improve people’s lives and encourage mindfulness. Create your own sparkling DIY Diamond Art while letting your thoughts wander and relaxing!


Our  Location

We’re a art & craft supply company with own factory, We ship many items directly from our manufacturing facilities located in China.

Official Business Address:

  • Address: No.243 Yinhai Road, Yiwu, China 322000
  • Phone: +86-183-2905-9949
  • Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8am-6pm EST
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Why We Are Better

Unparalleled Designer Art

We collaborate with exceptional artists to turn their priceless creations into 10,000–30,000 dot frames.

Soft Velvet Canvases

Each piece of art is created on a tarpaulin canvas made entirely of ultra-soft velvet, which folds out smoothly and without wrinkles.

Bright Colors

Our paintings have a noticeable sparkle and are more vivid thanks to our distinctive production.

Improved Bling

Our 100% resin diamonds are cut for maximum light reflectivity, giving them more shine.

Permanent Beauty

Your DAC painting will endure. The permanent printing is scratch- and fading-resistant, and the diamonds remain in place.

Sustainable Materials

For hours on end, feel good about what you're doing. Glues and inks from Fashion diamond art are completely toxic-free.


We assist you in expanding your painting business.

It doesn’t matter; why don’t you start a painting business?

Or do you require a reliable supplier to back up your offering?

Simply put, choosing us is your best corporate option if you are a diamond painting or painting by number retailer, wholesaler, or distributor.


Find your next diamond or painting-by-numbers masterpiece.