How to order from us?

Step 1

Visit our website or contact our customer service to obtain our product catalog with images.

Below are the minimum order quantities for our products:
  • 20*20cm:  200pcs per design.
  • 20*30cm:  200pcs per design.
  • 30*30cm:  200pcs per design.
  • 30*40cm:  100pcs per design.
  • 40*50cm:  100pcs per design.
  • 40*40cm:  100pcs per design.
  • 50*60cm:  100pcs per design.
  • 40*80cm:  100pcs per design.
  • 50*100cm: 100pcs per design.
5000+ diamond design

Step 2

Please select the desired product image and confirm the size of the product you wish to manufacture. For reference, kindly refer to the size chart provided alongside.

Step 3

Confirm the number of colors required for production.
We can produce any number of colors as per your requirements. If you’re placing an order for the first time, refer to the standard factory configuration below:

Please note: The number of colors for digital oil painting and diamond painting largely depends on design complexity and artistic effects. Thus, the specific number may vary depending on the complexity of the image.

Step 4

Select the Accessories Kit


After confirming the product size and color quantity, please also select an accessories kit. The kit usually includes all necessary tools and materials needed for the painting. Don’t forget this crucial step to ensure a complete and enjoyable art experience.

For Diamond Painting

below is our regular package kits

regular diamond painting kits

you can choose upgrade package kits too

and decide use round diamond or square diamond

square diamond+round diamond

For Painting by Number

please let us know you need with frame or without frame.

painting by number with frame

Step 5

Quote and confirm order
After we received all your inquiry about diamond painting or painting by number,. our manager will contact you via email or WhatsApp to confirm your details and send you quotation. after confirm that we will start manufactur it.
diamond painting factory 3

Step 6

Quality Control & Ship Out
Before delivery, we will do quality control to make sure all quality is goods. we inspect all the items to check printing, accessoriess, packing and so on.
diamond painting factory 6

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