Custom Diamond Painting


You can use your own photos as canvases for personalized diamond painting kits with custom diamond painting!
Make the ideal DIY gift for any occasion, including holidays, weddings, and birthdays.

A fantastic gift that is memorable, personal, and enjoyable.

Everything you need for a stunning result is included in our custom diamond art kits.

diamond painting artwork

Custom Diamond Painting

Re-create your memories and get your own Custom Diamond Painting Kit.

Send us a picture of your pets, family, friends, or whatever you like.

You’ll love working on your personalized canvas made from your photo. Or you’ll get an amazing personalized gift

How can I customize my own diamond painting?
1. Send the pictures you want to order to
2. Please select their design and size
3. Choose your favorite packaging

diamond painting design
diamond painting PVC packing

Why Choose Us

1.Professional design team.

2.We hope to do one thing well.

3.Make you feel distinctive and unmatched with our personized diamond painting.

4.A special gift for children, parents, lovers, friends.

painting by Number artwork

Custom Painting by number

Want to turn your photo into paint by number to re-live a memory of a lifetime?

 Upload your photo and we will send you its version of Custom Paint by Numbers Kit.

And you can create your own masterpiece with NumeralPaint DIY paint by numbers kit.

It is the perfect first step for beginners to enjoy the art of painting.

Paint your own wall art, even if you have zero artistic ability.


Besides, it can be framed to be an excellent decoration for your home.

Why you should order custom paint by numbers kits :

Enhance Relationship: Share the fun of painting with your family or friends. Doing something creative together helps a lot in connecting people. you can also surprise someone you have with him an old story by letting him draw, discover and remember that special moment.

Relaxing and Joyful: Take your mind off the anxieties of the workday and your crap boss. Who needs therapy when you have custom paint by numbers?

Easy Drawing: You don’t need to have any basic skill of painting to do this. We will provide you with an instruction manual that’s very easy to follow and no matter how good or poor you are at drawing

Gift Choice: If you are in trouble finding an appropriate gift, this is the ideal solution. DIY paint by number kit is a pretty choice as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Birthday, or other occasions.

Creative and Educational: This activity assists in developing many good habits in children, such as patience, concentration, determination, intelligence, etc.

    Custom Diamond Painting Do’s and Don’ts: How to Customize Diamond Painting Kits

    To make a personalized diamond art, you need to send us the picture you want us to print on the background by uploading the picture here (the bigger, the better!), and select your desired canvas size. (Picture please send to will provide you with a personalized canvas with the picture that you chose as the background and diamonds that are to be used on it. The customized diamond painting kits will have around 447 colors.

    Your picture should be large with good pixels, clear and sharp to get a better result!.

    Diamond drills are like pixels – the more you will have, the better the image will look.

    If the colors of the photo are not clear, or not pixelated, the image will look blurry.

    You will want to upload a high-resolution image for a clear result, as such, I advise you to zoom in your desired image, and Check it’s the quality of resolution while zoomed-in.

    Here Is Why Custom Diamond Painting Kits Are So Popular:

    • Personal gift: Diamond art kit makes for an excellent gift. You can customize it with the picture of your pet, your family or your loved one and gift it to them.
    • Enhance relationships: what will be better than doing something creative with your family? Customized family photo diamond art is a great idea. Doing something productive together connects people.
    • On Demand Diamond Painting: the opportunity to choose any image or picture from the internet, upload and order a custom painting item of a band you love, an actor, actress or entertainment figure that you like or a homely snapshot of your hometown.
    • Joyful: who doesn’t love doing something that gives him/her pleasure? No one does! There is no better feeling than having to finish creating a personalized photo!
    • Can be really funny: I will never forget the expression of my dog watching his own reflection coming out from the painting on the wall