5d Diamond Dot Phoenix Throw Pillow

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Name:5D  diamond art Pillow




2.Diamond set * 1 bag


.Minimun Order Quantity:50pcs

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    What is diy diamond paiting?

    Diamond paintings, also named DIY diamond paintings. it is are a combination of flat-bottomed round diamonds (some with square diamonds) and beautiful patterns. The painter only needs to use the tool to glued diamond to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, then slowly fill the area corresponding to each symbol, a few minutes to formally get started. Compared with the cross-stitch, the diamond painting is easy to operate, easy to get started. The diamond painting time is about 1/10 of the cross stitch. Currently divided into crystal diamond paintings, matt round diamonds and square diamonds!

    What Certification of diamond art have?

    En71 & CE test report: European standard EN 71 specifies safety requirements for diamond art.

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