canvas on a wooden frame painting by number dream girl

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Painting by number.

SIZE: 40*50CM



2.paint  * 1 set


4.Canva hangers:2pcs


.Minimun Order Quantity:30pcs

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    What is the painting by number ?

    Painting by number is to transform complex oill painting into simple .number are marked on the canvas ,
    these number correspond to the number on the painting box.
    there will be line on the canvas to demarcate different areas ,we just fill the area with same number corresponding color.
    when we finish the picture we will feel very proud .
    just a masterpiece done by ourselves

    Why & What is Certification of Painting by number?

    painting by number contain oil, and whether the material is environmentally friendly is very important. Both adults and children are users, and the product is also used as an ornament as decoration after completion. Many people require the product to be harmless to the body.

    Our product all apply to EN71 & CE test report to meet European standard.

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    1. we can design patterns, packaging, and produce different styles according to your requirements.
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