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How does a Diamond Painting Factory Manufacture its Products?

Do you know the product from Diamond painting Factory? The DIY craft product known as “diamond painting” is very well-liked by DIY toy makers as well as artists. In addition to fostering fun, diamond painting also has the ability to relieve anxiety.(advantange of diamond art) It is no longer just a toy for adults; many people now give it as gifts.

Are you interested in learning how this diamond painting was made, what the factory did before delivering the finished product to you?

Next, I will tell you the 5 steps of the factory to make diamond painting.

#1 Diamond Painting Design Artwork

diamond painting designer

The creation of the pattern is the first step. If the factory has a picture, they can manipulate it and create a diamond painting out of it. Due to how simple it is for factories, there are many custom diamond painting services available today. To convert the original high-pixel pattern into a pixel image suitable for diamond painting, they must use specialized processing software.

The painting designer must then adjust the individual colors to beautify the image because the original pixels have changed and the pattern no longer has as many colors as the original. (In fact, the design colors and the final diamond are the same color.) Generally speaking, a set of diamond painting consists of 20-30 colors that is, isn’t it amazing!

#2 Diamond Painting Canva Printing & Cutting

diamond painting supplier
diamond painting worker

The diamond painting factory will import the design file into the machine to print and cut it.

The choice of canvas and printer is very important to the factory. A good canvas feels soft and glues easily, and a good printer prints out clear lines and brilliant colors.

The canvas printed by the printer is very large, so it needs to be manually cut to the final size of the product with a cutter.

#3 Canva add glue

diamond painting wholesale

When customers use diamond painting, they peel away a protective film from the top of the canvas and place diamonds one by one on it. The diamonds comply to the canvas due to the presence of a layer of self-adhesive on the canvas. The third step is to apply glue.

The factory will create a custom glue mold, place the canvas on the bottom, and evenly apply glue to the canvas through the glue mold. Following the application of the glue, the factory will place the canvases in bulk into the oven to dry, allowing the glue to adhere firmly to the canvas. The final step is to apply a layer of plastic protective film.

The choice of glue is critical; a good glue will remain sticky after a long time and will not turn yellow. (Many glues turn yellow over time.)

#4 Diamond bag pack

Next to the packaging diamond accessories environment. You will find bags of diamond accessories inside when you get the diamond painting, and each bag has a corresponding number printed on it. How does this factory do it? Actually, the factory has a machine that can automatically pack. 

diamond painting machine

By the time the design is completed, the factory already knows what colors of diamonds need to be matched with each diamond painting and how many of each color to match. They input these configuration requirements into the machine’s computer system, and then the machine automatically packages them with the flick of a switch.

#5 Diamond painting box package

diamond painting China

Once the canvas and diamond bag pack are ready, the next step in the factory is to add the diamond painting kit and package it together in the box. As we all know, 50% of the product sold well depends on the design of the packaging. Therefore, the factory will make different sizes, materials and patterns of packaging boxes to meet the needs of customers from different countries according to their requirements.

Here is a video taken by our team at the diamond painting factory, please check.


These are all the steps involved in producing diamond painting in a factory. Finding a reliable diamond painting manufacturer can help you keep an eye on product quality, and they can consistently produce the hottest product trends, which helps diamond painting wholesalers increase their sales. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about diamond painting or if you need to purchase top-notch diamond painting from a supplier.

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